Step inside the head of Terry Pratchett, one of the UK's most successful ever authors and author of the Discworld series of books.

Discworld figurines by Clarecraft, Bernard Pearson (aka The Cunning Artificer), Paul Kidby and more.

You will also find Discworld artefacts, videos, rare Discowrld books and more within these pages.

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Set on the back of the giant cosmic turtle, Great A'tuin, Discworld is a fantasy world inhabited by witches and wizards, dwarves, trolls and many other mythical creatures.

The Discworld books by Terry Pratchett are extremely funny, hard to put down and incredibly addictive.

Discworld fans will also love the ranges of Discworld merchandise available, as Terry Pratchett gets involved with it all and it is true to his vision.

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